Lottery 5/39

  • You need to play and have bet at least 10,000 PPoints in the PIPA RPS game to unlock PPAPE Lottery 5/39.

    • Each play ticket costs 200 PPoints, and you can bet 10 tickets in each play. You can also play 24 consecutive rounds at a time.

  • Choose 5 numbers between 1-39. If you have 5 matching numbers, you win the 1st prize. 4 matching numbers for 2nd prize. 3 matching numbers for 3rd prize. And 2 matching numbers for 4th prize.

  • We use the next five transaction hashes of the blockchain, divide them by 39 and take the remainder. If there's a repeated remainder number, we'd keep going on until we get five non-repeated numbers.

  • PPAPE Lottery 5/39 drawings are held every hour, every day.

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